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Who Can Neurofeedback Therapy help?

Neurofeedback is a very powerful, natural therapy that can help with many conditions. Neurofeedback therapy has helped children address attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) symptoms, improve academic performance, address learning disabilities, reduce migraines, enhance brain function, increase concentration and personal discipline, increase reading speed and comprehension, reduce stress and anxiety, learn how to sleep better and ease insomnia, promote calm, alert performance and reduce behavior problems.

Neurofeedback therapy has helped adults to enhance scholastic performance and learning ability, improve memory, enhance brain function, reduce migraines, ease insomnia, reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and mental clarity, ease depression, manage chronic pain, regain function after a stroke, enhance performance in sports and music, calm PTSD, control addictions, manage brain injury symptoms, enhance creativity, heighten awareness, learn how to get to sleep and ease restless leg syndrome and reach their personal potential.

What Can Neurofeedback Therapy Do For Me?

Simply put, neurofeedback therapy can make you feel much better.

What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy is entirely non-invasive brain training. Neurofeedback is also know as EEG Biofeedback, Neurotherapy and EEG Neurofeedback.

Think of Neurofeedback as your brain’s personal trainer. With neurofeedback therapy, you will train your brain to work with greater efficiency and effectiveness using special types of exercises. By diligently practicing these exercises, you can make huge differences in your life. With neurofeedback, you can reduce problems such as chronic pain, sleep problems and migraines.

Neurofeedback therapy uses EEG technology to exercise your brain. Neurofeedback EEG exercises help improve your brain’s ability to self-regulate and encourages greater control over functions like sleep, memory, concentration and mood. Self-regulation is a necessary part of good brain function. Self-regulation training helps your central nervous system to function better. When your system does not self-regulate well, the result can be headaches, depression, anxiety, anger, insomnia, and inability to focus. Strengthening your brain’s self-regulation through EEG neurofeedback training is a drug-free way to overcome these difficulties.When you begin neurofeedback training, we develop a custom program just for you. Together we map out a program that addresses your personal needs and goals. We can target your particular concerns and build on your strengths to help you to obtain peak performance and increase your brain power and improve your quality of life. Best of all, neurofeedback therapy is easy. Neurofeedback is fun brain exercises for kids.

How does Neurofeedback Therapy work?

Neurofeedback therapy uses computer technology to monitor your brain activity and reward healthy brain function. I apply electrodes to your scalp so that the computer can listen to your brainwave activity. The computer processes the signal and extracts information about certain key brainwave frequencies. We use video games or "brain games" to show you this information in a useful way. In fact, you play the video games with your brain, simply by watching the games! In response to visual and auditory rewards, your brain changes its activity level and controls the game. The game rewards your brain for moving towards a calm and regulated state. Eventually your brain "shapes" its activity toward more desirable, more regulated performance. The brainwave frequencies we work with, and the specific locations on the scalp where we listen in on your brain, are specific to the conditions we are addressing and specific to each individual person.

What’s the difference between Biofeedback and Neurofeedback?

Biofeedback and neurofeedback therapies are really quite different, though they are based on the same basic concept. Both biofeedback and neurofeedback give you information to help you learn to regulate various body functions. Biofeedback monitors body functions such as muscle tension, skin temperature, respiration and heart rate to provide feedback. Neurofeedback gives back information about brain activity. Neurofeedback targets brain function and trains your brain to change its patterns and maintain a calm state. Biofeedback uses therapist lead mental exercises. Neurofeedback uses video games that give feedback directly to your subconscious. Neurofeedback therapy is also known as EEG biofeedback, brainwave biofeedback or neurotherapy.

<h3>Who Can Neurofeedback Therapy help?<br /></h3> <table width="480" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td><div align="center">Children</div></td> <td><div align="center">Adults</div></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center" valign="top"><p>• Address ADD/ADHD Symptoms<br /> • Improve Academic Performance<br /> • Address Learning Disabilitie<br /> • Reduce Migraines<br /> • Enhance Brain Function<br /> • Increase Concentration & Personal Discipline<br /> • Increase Reading Speed & Comprehension<br /> • Lower Stress and Anxiety<br /> • Ease Insomnia<br /> • Promote Calm, Alert Performance<br /> • Reduce Behavior Problems<br /> </p> </td> <td><div align="center"> <p>• Enhance Scholastic Performance &amp; Learning Ability<br /> • Improve Memory<br /> • Enhance Brain Function<br /> • Reduce Migraines<br /> • Ease Insomnia<br /> • Reduce Stress &amp; Anxiety<br /> • Improve Concentration &amp; Mental Clarity <br /> • Ease Depression<br /> • Manage Chronic Pain<br /> • Regain Function After A Stroke<br /> • Enhance Performance in Sports &amp; Music<br /> • Calm PTSD<br /> • Control Addictions<br /> • Manage Brain Injury Symptoms<br /> • Enhance Creativity<br /> • Heighten Awareness<br /> • Restless Leg Syndrome<br /> • Reach Your Personal Potential </p> </div></td> </tr> </table><p>&nbsp;</p> </body> </html>