Chemo Brain Fog

I attended “A Day for Women” at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Cancer Center in Grass Valley last weekend.   I was an exhibitor and spoke to many women about their cancer experiences.  One Issue that kept coming up was chemo brain. 

Chemo brain is a mental fog or “cloudiness” that causes cognitive problems such as word finding, memory problems, and difficulty paying attention.  It is a side effect that occurs during, and after chemotherapy.  Depression, anxiety, memory loss and insomnia often accompany chemo brain. 

Chemo brain affects everyday life and can make it difficult or impossible for patients to return to work or school.  I posted an article about a study that is taking place about the effect of neurofeedback on chemo brain fog.

One of the researchers conducting this study, Jean Alvarez, has experienced chemo brain herself.  Her chemo brain symptoms lasted seven years, until she discovered neurofeedback.  Her insomnia disappeared in 3 sessions and her depression was gone in 10 sessions.  Her positive experience with neurofeedback led to the research project.  Some people respond very quickly like Jean, while others can take longer to see results.  Quality of life is an important issue in cancer care and neurofeedback can help.

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