Neurofeedback and Weight Loss

Weight loss is not an easy undertaking.  Overeating throws off your body’s natural balance.   When your body is out of balance your natural appetite controls don’t work.  You lose the ability to feel when you need to eat and when to stop.  The key to permanent weight loss is to restore these natural sensors.

The main patterns that lead to overeating are anxiety, depression and self-loathing.   Anxiety causes overeating when you get frightened, feel stressed, or are overwhelmed with life.  Depression leads to overeating when you feel empty or deprived and you can’t express yourself.  You may be stuck in a life with a lack of support and meaning that leaves you angry and lonely.  Self loathing comes from guilt, negative self image and low self esteem.  All these patterns can lead to cravings of unhealthy foods.  Diet programs don’t usually address these patterns.  Restricting your portions often just makes these problems bigger.

Diets are not natural and often leave you feeling deprived.  They are short term solutions to a long term problem.  No one wants to be a calorie counter for the rest of their life.  Your BMI (body mass index) is not as important as gaining control of your body.  If you have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or other weight loss programs without lasting results, you are not alone.  You can’t retrain your brain by restricting food intake, so your problems with overeating keep returning.  You lose weight only to put it back on.   The only way to keep doing well on a diet is to stay on the program forever.  This is an external program trying to take over for a natural internal balance.  (Not to mention making you a long term customer.)  Change doesn’t take place because the diet program addresses the symptom of being overweight rather than the cause.  It is difficult to make internal change.

Neurofeedback can help bring your body and emotions to a balanced state.  It resets basic body functions such as sleep cycles and appetite control.  Neurofeedback trains your brain to know when you are hungry and when you are full.  With neurofeedback you will gain natural control over your appetite.  Your cravings will be reduced and your brain will guide you to a healthy lifestyle.

Neurofeedback works with your subconscious.  You may have difficulty changing habits because the habit you’d like to change is not stored in the conscious part of your brain.  Your subconscious controls your habits, much like your heartbeat and breathing.  You don’t have to think about each heartbeat or breath.  They just happen.  Cravings and overeating are not things that you think about, either.  You don’t consciously choose to overeat or have cravings for unhealthy foods.  They just happen automatically.  Your subconscious is programmed to react to events with unhealthy eating.

Without neurofeedback, reaching your subconscious and changing the messages it is sending is difficult.  Neurofeedback therapy talks straight to your subconscious.  It shows your brain how it is functioning in real time and provides feedback that shows your brain where to make changes.  We customize every neurofeedback session to your particular needs –for example, appetite and cravings.  By doing so, we address the triggers for overeating.

Triggers for overeating are often emotional.  Eating for emotional reasons creates patterns in your brain.  These patterns become deeper and deeper as they are carried out over and over.  Neurofeedback helps to stabilize your emotions.  It works on emotional patterns that lead to overeating.  With neurofeedback training, you will fall into these unhealthy patterns less frequently.  When you do, it will be easier to stop and return to a healthier pattern.

Neurofeedback makes change easier.  You can stabilize your emotional and physical health and reduce cravings with neurofeedback therapy.  Neurofeedback helps reduce negative thoughts and increases positive attitudes.  It helps you deal with past traumas and distance yourself from them.  Increase self-awareness and strengthen your sense of self with neurofeedback.  Be yourself and feel good about it!  Weight loss will naturally follow.


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