Neurofeedback for Self-Regulation of the Immune System

This is a very edited passage from a paper by Dr.Gary J. Schummer. There are so many exciting studies going on in the neurofeedback field!

Instability of the central nervous system is seen in seizure disorder, ADD, head injury and other disorders are being successfully treated with neurofeedback. Also, certain psychological disorders (depression, mania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, PTSD, Etc) respond to neurofeedback treatment.

We have at least one theoretical model for proposing action for immune regulation and modulation through neurofeedback. Just as seizure thresholds can be raised, attention and concentration skills can be refined, and neurons can be reeducated and/or recruited to produce beta in closed head injury, so can a disregulated, downregulated, or an unstable immune system be stabilized and/or modulated utilizing neurofeedback.

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