Welcome to Sierra EEG Journal

Welcome!  This is where I will be journaling about neurofeedback therapy, the latest research, upcoming seminars I will be doing and much more.

I just want you to know that I chose to provide neurofeedback therapy because of what it did for me.  I will journal much more about this later, but, briefly, neurofeedback really saved my life.  After suffering a mild traumatic brain injury (closed head brain injury) at work, I was completely unable to function.  I sat on the coach — for pretty much a couple of years!  I wasn’t able to do anything.

Neurofeedback changed all of that.  It made my constantly pounding, blinding migraine headaches much less.  (No, the headaches didn’t go away completely.)  It made me be able to think like a normal adult.  It helped my balance.  And on and on.

Since neurofeedback was largely unavailable here in Nevada County, California, I decided that I would provide this incredible therapy.

I’ll tell you much more about my personal experiences with neurofeedback later.

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